Wilpshire Wanderers Under 12 Blue

Manager: Anthony Whitehead
Assistant: Richard Robinson
Assistant: Peter Dugdale


Wilpshire Wanderers Under 12 Blue are sponsored by

2020/21 Under 11

ADJFL Under 11 Surridge Sports Cup Winners

2019/20 Under 10

Myerscough Tournament Winners December 2019

2018/19 Under 9
End Of Season Video

Highfield Grange Tournament Winners
Rosegrove Tournament Winners

ADJFL Under 9 Gold Cup Winners
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Blackpool Youth Tournament Winners
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2017/18 Under 8
End Of Season Video

23rd June 2018
Highfield Grange Tournament Runners-Up

10th June 2018
Fleetwood Town Tournament Winners

9th June 2018
Fulledge Colts Tournament Runners-Up

21st April 2018
Congratulations Wilpshire Wanderers U8 Blue

Won all 5 games this morning to win an ADJFL tournament.
Great performance from a great set of players

2016/17 Under 7
End Of Season Video

2015/16 Under 6
End Of Season Video

2014/15 Under 5
End Of Season Video