Wilpshire Wanderers Training Sessions

Training Sessions From April 2018
Please contact James Buckley to request training sessions. Confirmed sessions are listed below

Salesbury Memorial Hall

Under 10 Blue

Monday 18:00–19:00

Under 10 Black

Monday 18:00–19:00
Under 8 Blue Wednesday 18:00–19:30 (top pitch)

Under 9 Blue  

Wednesday 18:00–19:00 (bottom pitch)

Under 9 Red  

Wednesday 18:00–19:00 (bottom pitch)
Under 7 Blue Wednesday 19:00–20:00 (bottom pitch)

Under 6

Thursday 18:00–19:00

Under 7 Black  

Thursday 18:30–19:30

Under 7 Red  

Thursday 18:30–19:30
St. Augustines

Under 15/16

Monday 18:30–20:00

Under 8 Red  

Wednesday 18:00–19:00

Under 13 Black  

Thursday 18:00–19:00

Our Lady and St. John Friendly Fixtures
April–June 2018

To all managers
These are post season friendly fixtures planned into OLSJ from 21st April to end of June.
All managers have now had a few weeks to put requests in and the confirmed fixtures are detailed in the table below.
Thacility will then close until mid August.

Please adhere to kicking off at set kick off times and advise your opponents that you need to kick off on time.
Please ask away team to pay the ref fees and wwfc will cover hire of pitches.
Please request any referee bookings through James Buckley.

We can play three 7v7s, two 9v9s or one 11 v11 at any set period.
We can also do a combination one 9v9 and one 7v7.

General start times will be session 1 at 9am (access from 8.30am), session 2 at 10.15 am and session 3 at 11.30am. Our allotted time ends at 1pm.
Please email Boyd Hargreaves (bhargreaves@o-Mills.co.uk) if you want to book the facility.
Please confirm by email if you have to cancel so we can offer the session to other teams.
We still have availability as per below. Spots will now be given on a first come first served basis.

Please ensure that you check the facility for litter and left water bottles after every session which is an obligation to use using this facility.

There will be no co-ordination or supervision on the day from the Wilpshire Wanderers Committee, so please try and work to times as best you can and resolve any time issues together to avoid overrunning.

If your match kicks of late please shorten your game time and change quickly at half time.
There should be no reason for matches to kick off late due to the game beforehand overrunning.
If the referee is late, start the game and introduce them when they arrive.
If the opposition are late please reduce your time allotted to get timings back on track.
It’s up to the managers to advise opponents of the need to kick off at the set times.

Date Session 1: 09:00 Session 2: 10:15 Session 3: 11:30
 23rd June
 U14s Jeff Goshawk 11v11 friendly 

 U10s Jason Smith 9v9 friendly 
 U10s Craig Horrocks 9v9 friendly 

 U13s Boyd Hargreaves 11v11 friendly 

 30th June
 U14s Jeff Goshawk 11v11 friendly 

 U12s Kev Reedy 11v11 friendly 

 U13s Boyd Hargreaves 11v11 friendly